FAQ – Farmers

FAQ - Farmers

Are farmers, the core aspect of World Food Company?
YES! World Food Company mainly focuses on the farmers' betterment.
What type of assistance provided by the World Food Company to farmers?
World Food Company provides investment support through contract farming agreement, buys the harvest in advance, provides world-class consultation & guidance, and assists with the complete supply chain management.
Can farmers directly contact the World Food Company for financing and other assistance?
YES! the farmers are always welcome to contact directly with World Food Company for any kind of assistance they seek.
Is there a minimum and maximum amount of investment capacity?
World Food Company supports any kind of farmer. However, World Food Company experts always analyse the proposal before commencing a project.
Is World Food Company support the farmers around the globe?
YES! World Food Company supports farmers all around the globe.
Will the World Food Company share a maximum percentage of the profits?
World Food Company is a social enterprise and established for helping the farmers to earn maximum possible income throughout the years. However, World Food Company charges 10% of the profits earned by a trader/ trading agency to cover the company's expenses and to pay the interest to the investors. Meanwhile, it is important to know that World Food Company covers all the expenses of a farmer regarding the agreed project. the costs typically include all the logistics expenses.
Where do your investors base in?
We have a pool of accredited investors from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russa, India, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.