FAQ – Investors

FAQ - Investors

How investors can work with World Food Company?
Investors are carefully selected by World Food Company and then an agreement between the investor and company will be signed. Investors are then directly connected with their anticipated/ interested farmer/ farm, trader/ agencies and specialist projects/ graduates to start a project.
Can Investors directly connect with the farmers/ traders/ specialists/ graduates?
World Food Company signs an agreement with the investors mentioning that the investors are never able to collaborate directly with the farmers/ traders/ specialists/ graduates listed on World Food Company's platform. Also, investors must obey the agreement throughout the company's operation years. Meanwhile, investors are no more protected and secured if they tend to work with the other farmers and stakeholders directly.
How much an investor earns?
World Food Company is a social enterprise. Our investors are the pride of contributing to a global society and its cause. Also, it is an honour for our investors to contribute a significant percentage of the global food sector. However, World Food Company has made its business model whereas ever stakeholder earn a maximum potential income and therefore, an investor typically earns a minimum of 5% of a single time investment whether may it be contract farming, harvest trade, and processed food trade. Also, specialist projects can include an investor as its partner and provide a significant percentage of a profit.
Is there a minimum and maximum amount of investment capacity?
World Food Company supports any kind of investment package. However, the World Food Company does not allow any investors to join the platform. Meanwhile, World Food Company only selects the world-class investors by an invitation or through personal meetings.
Is World Food Company accepts the investors around the globe?
YES! World Food Company accepts investors all around the globe. However, currently, the World Food Company has its pool of world-class investors those who are selected personally by World Food Company.
How are investors protected?
World Food Company protects its investors personally since it has all its stakeholder under control. World Food Company appoints its franchise agents in the countries where it operates and those agents operate on behalf of World Food Company in the relevant country. In this way, the investors are 100% protected.