FAQ – Portal for everyone

FAQ - Portal for everyone

What is the unique portal by World Food Company?
World Food Company introduces the first in the world, a data-driven approach to boost the global food industry by mainly serving the domestic food markets of each country in the world. This unique platform is free for everyone that is interested in the food sector engagement and those in need of trading food stocks and seeking food requirements.
How the portal by World Food Company assists everyone?
This portal mainly focuses on increasing Household Food Security and Community Nutrition through a specialised data-driven approach. This data-driven approach empowered by the strengths of data that gathered of classifieds combined with an online booking store. The portal assists farmers, food traders, warehousing facility providers, fleet owners, distributors, house essentials providers and almost everyone engaged in the food and food-related businesses to publish their available food stocks to be traded. Meanwhile, the public can easily publish their food food-related requirements to be fulfilled by the respective businesses.
What is more about the first-ever classifieds + online booking store system?
This unique portal by World Food Company provides the efficient classifieds + online booking system to collect, trade and fulfil data posted and required by the food businesses and public. World Food Company lets the food businesses to open a store and publish their available food stocks and services mainly to be traded domestically. The platform provides the ease of fulfilling an order right along with classifieds. This is a unique approach by World Food Company allowing the food businesses to fulfil an online order of products and services along with respective classifieds.
What is expected to be achieved with this portal?
World Food Company developed this portal to allow everyone to sell and buy food stocks and food-related services in a convenient manner while saving their time and money. This portal eradicates or still reduces the costs of the middlemen between the farmers/ traders to the end clients that ensures saving significant money in trading food stocks and services. Also, this portal allows the farmers to directly deal with the end clients that ensure the reasonable price for their produce whereas the farmers are allowed to PUBLISH their food stocks and services publicly for the farmgate prices. Therefore, this portal ensures cost-efficient and time-saving fulfilment facilities of Household Food Demand in every country of the globe. As the portal mainly focuses on Household Food Security and Community Nutrition, World Food Company lets a household to directly FIND, ORDER and TRACK the required food stocks and services to fulfil their household food needs. The food trading businesses those are directly trading from the farmers to the end clients can easily PUBLISH their food stocks and services. Also, the fleet owners can easily PUBLISH their transport and delivery services publicly. Meanwhile, the distribution companies, order fulfilment companies, and every food businesses can PUBLISH their food stocks and services publicly. World Food Company helps the world to PUBLISH, COLLECT, ORDER, TRACK & FULFILL the data-driven food supplies and demand of global nations. Also, this portal utilizing the power of digital resources and mainly focuses on domestic food supplies and demand and which fastens the fulfilling of a household food demand.