FAQ – Specialist/ graduate

FAQ - Specialist/ graduate

Are graduates the core aspect of World Food Company?
World Food Company mainly focuses on the farmers' betterment. Meanwhile, to increase jobs among the communities, World Food Company supports graduates and specialists in agriculture and food production sectors to start their project.
How World Food Company helps specialists and graduates?
World Food Company provides investment support to start a food production business. May it be any kind of food production, World Food Company simply focuses on contributing to the global food production levels to meet the future food demand of the globe.
Can specialists and graduates directly contact the World Food Company for investments??
YES! the specialists and graduates are always welcome to contact directly with World Food Company for any kind of assistance they seek.
Is there a minimum and maximum amount of investment capacity?
World Food Company supports any kind of project. However, World Food Company experts always analyse the proposal before commencing a project.
Is World Food Company support the specialists and graduates around the globe?
YES! World Food Company supports specialists and graduates all around the globe.
How much a specialist or a graduate earns?
A specialist or a graduate who develops the project is a rightful co-owner of that project. However, specialist or graduate project must be a long term project, unlike a single time investment or operation. Therefore, the investor also must be assigned as a co-owner of that project. So, the specialist/ graduate and the investor shall have 50:50 shares in the relevant project. World Food Company will work on behalf of the investor and shares a minimum percentage of profit from the project.