FAQ – Traders

FAQ - Traders

How traders can work with World Food Company?
World Food Company accepts traders application from any trading agency that is can be a start-up or a well-running entity. The trading agency will work as a franchise/ behalf of World Food Company in a relevant country. A trading agency must include agriculture professionals/ graduates and a pool of farmers/ food producers to start running agriculture/ food production business. Hence World Food Company will provide 100% investment beforehand while covering the complete logistic costs.
Can traders directly connect with the farmers and specialists/ graduates?
Traders can directly connect with the farmers and graduates other than the listed ones on World Food Company's platform. The listed farmers and graduates will be never collaborating with any other entities according to the agreement signed between them and the World food Company. The trading agency has to work on its own to enrol its own set of farmers and specialist projects/ graduates.
How much a trader earns?
A trading agency typically receives and earns 90% of the wholesale market value of selling price of food commodities/ stocks as a commission in advance to start food production/ harvest/ sales. A trader must pay back the 100% value of sales of food commodities/ stocks to World Food Company while World Food Company charges 10% and pays the respective investor and World Food Company only charges 0.5% from the investor as a service fee. A trading agency with its 90% share, has to pay the farm-gate price of food commodity/ produce, complete logistic costs while the balance will be trading agency's profit. As a clear picture, the trading agency has set up a contract farming agreement with a potato farmer for 25 tons of potatoes. The wholesale market value of these 25 tons of potatoes is US$ 16,250 (US$ 0.65 for 1 kg). The trading agency will receive US$ 14,625 (90% of the wholesale market value of potatoes) as an advance. Then the trading agency pays the farmer with his/ her reasonable farm-gate price and cover logistics to cost while keeping the balance and a reasonable percentage as its profit. Once the trading agency sells 25 tons of potatoes to the wholesale buyer for US$ 16,250, the trading agency will pay the World Food Company the 100% value of the food stock (US$ 16,250). World Food Company handles the rest with the investor.
Is there a minimum and maximum amount of investment capacity?
World Food Company supports any kind of investment package. However, World Food Company analyses a project before signing an agreement.
Is World Food Company accepts the traders around the globe?
YES! World Food Company accepts the trading agencies all around the globe.YES! World Food Company accepts the trading agencies all around the globe.
What are the benefits for traders/ trading agencies?
A trading agency acts as a franchise of the world Food Company. Trading agencies receive free warehouse/ storage facilities and free transportation as World Food Company pays an extra percentage for traders to cover complete logistic costs. Therefore, traders can earn maximum profits.
Where do your investors base in?
We have a pool of accredited investors from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russa, India, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.