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World Food Company is a social enterprise contributing to the global food sector

World Food Company is a research & development project and works for creating a sustainable and convenient digital platform to promote global food production that assists farmers and food businesses to acquire necessary investments, public exposure, efficient and fastest trading medium and other kinds of support. Meanwhile, World Food Company also focuses on increasing the Household Food Security and Community Nutrition which helps the world to alleviate global hunger.

We at, World Food Company also boost employment opportunities for the agriculture and food sector graduates and specialists while helping traders and agencies by providing our much efficient services and facilities.

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We at, World Food Company are equipped with the relevant domain experts to provide our clients with guaranteed answers.

Farmers, investors, food businesses/ traders/ agencies, relevant graduates/ specialists and whoever engaged in a food business sector are welcome to approach our team regarding the business consultation, acquiring necessary investments, making investments, purchasing food stocks, exports & imports, and any kind of agriculture and food production business.

1How the farmers are benefited?
Farmers receive contract farming opportunities that cover all of the transport and storage costs and ensures maximum profits for them. We mainly work through our agents to assist farmers and however, farmers can directly contact us for assistance.
2How the traders/ trading agents are benefited?
Our traders consist of wholesale food trading businesses and agencies which they receive complete financial support from us. They shall act as middlemen between the farmer and the end-client Also they receive 100% advance for buying the food stocks from their accredited farmers. the costs for warehouses, transport and others are covered by us. The middlemen costs are here evacuated/alleviated since our official agent acts as a middleman and cover a percentage of profit after selling the food stocks and services which ensures that no middleman costs are on the farmers and much lower costs are associated with the end-client as such World Food Company bares the middlemen prices paid to our agents.
3How does World Food Company work with its official trading agents/ traders?
World Food Company appoints its official agents throughout the world to produce and trade food on behalf of the World Food Company. These agents’ costs of food production and trade operations are completely covered byWorld Food Company which 90% commission of the selling price of the food commodity directly paid to its agents while the balance 10% of the selling price of the commodity is a profit shared by the World Food Company and its lender/ investor.
4What are the duties of an official agent?
We mainly work through our agents to complete the projects. Therefore, we shall require the agents to provide us with good food projects that contribute to the global food sector. Agents shall always bear in mind that we strongly work for increasing Household Food Security and Community Nutrition and thus projects are always preferential. We pay a 90% commission on the project value to the agent and expect the agent to complete the project A-Z that consist of project planning, complete consultation and guidance to the farmers and everyone enrolled in the project, complete finance controlling, project management, assuring profitability, production & trading of the food products, execution of the services and complete execution of the projects.
5How the specialists are benefited?
Specialist projects are developed by the agriculture specialists who are the graduates in agriculture and food production sector. These graduates can create their projects and receive complete financial support from us.
6Where do your investors base in?
We have a pool of accredited investors from the United States, United Kingdom, China, Russa, India, Qatar, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.