For farmers

Join us and become a successful entrepreneur. We support you from the planning phrase to selling your products to the market. As farmers, you do not have to rely on the middlemen since we cover all the costs through our contract farming agreement at the planning phrase.

Farmers receive contract farming opportunities that cover all of the transport and storage costs and ensures maximum profits for them. We mainly work through our agents to assist farmers and however, farmers can directly contact us for assistance.

Farmers can sell their products to us right after harvest or they even can sign a contract farming agreement and receive complete funding beforehand.

With our innovation, the farmers can act independently and gain much more profits since the current day farmers are interrupted by middlemen while the middlemen reap the maximum percentage of the profits.

We help investors and farmers to be connected regarding food production. Farmers also could sign an agreement for a single harvest or the harvests throughout a specific time. World Food Company ensures the safety and success of both the investors and farmers. We tend to oversee and guide the farmers throughout an agreement life-cycle.

For investors

World Food Company carefully selects accredited investors to work with on the projects. Currently, hundreds of accredited investors are enrolled in our program to assist farmers and food businesses.

Our investors are engaged in a journey of pride which they are enabled to rule the global food sector. As of our objective, the entire global food sector shall be invested by the World Food Company and its investors.

World Food Company brings down the obstacles for the global investors which that they currently face with investing in a farm or another food business in another country. World Food Company brings the global farms and the food businesses under one roof which then the investors can invest in an efficient and convenient manner.

World Food Company lists the farms and their cultivation potentials (harvests/ produce/ manufactures) on its digital platform which the investors can collaborate efficiently and quickly. Investors are also pride to have collaborated with the worlds first and unique online agriculture and food auction platform. Investors can do rapid transactions through the unique digital auction system.

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For traders


World Food Company traders work towards a goal and a social cause, unlike other traders. But still, our traders earn a higher income than the other. Thanks to World Food Company's innovation to make everyone earn higher profits.

We mainly work through our agents to complete the projects. Therefore, we shall require the agents to provide us with good food projects that contribute to the global food sector. Agents shall always bear in mind that we strongly work for increasing Household Food Security and Community Nutrition and thus projects are always preferential.

We pay a 90% commission on the project value to the agent and expect the agent to complete the project A-Z that consist of project planning, complete consultation and guidance to the farmers and everyone enrolled in the project, complete finance controlling, project management, assuring profitability, production & trading of the food products, execution of the services and complete execution of the projects.

Traders, at World Food Company, shall have the agreements with their farmers which the traders do the middlemen part and covered by World Food Company instead of farmer's share. This model ensures that the farmers earn the maximum/ reasonable profits while the traders also earn higher income levels. World Food Company has modelled its business to cover all the expenses of a trader/ agency (complete logistics cost) which helps the trader to focus on the farmer's betterment.

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For specialists

Specialists are the graduates of agriculture studies or other kinds of food production education. World Food Company helps and models this category solely to increase jobs among the youths around the globe.

The graduate specialists those who are skilled at agriculture and other food produce can develop their project by collaborating with the farmers and food producers and receive 100% investment by us to kick-start their dreams.

Graduates can straight-away contact our team and send their project proposals. The project proposals are analysed by us and presented to the investors. Promising innovations and entrepreneurship plans receive investments successfully. Also, World Food Company believes that the graduates are enabled to help the rural farmers through these projects which then both of them are finding their ventures successful. Also, rural farmers can learn modern agricultural practices and techniques with the help of agriculture graduates.

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For everyone

World Food Company established a first-ever portal empowered with a data-driven approach for everyone around the globe.

Our innovation lets the global food businesses to collaborate directly with the end-clients that ensures utmost benefits in treating the global hunger crisis.

World Food Company thereby increases the exposures of the agriculture farms and global food businesses which ensures the fastest trading and fulfilling a household food demand while allowing the farmers and food businesses to use our convenient online store facilities for completely free of charge. We also believe this classifieds + online booking store system enables the farmers and food businesses to conduct their businesses in a much efficient manner. Our special platform lets everyone to FIND, ORDER & TRACK the food supplies and demand at all.

We at World Food Company believe that showcasing the portfolios of the rural farms, and food businesses bring down the many obstacles that are currently faced by the global food industry. Also as our main service, the direct engagement of our accredited investors and providing investments beforehand to the farms and food businesses enable them to work efficiently. Also increases their profitability and saves time by enabling them to use our unique data-driven platform to publish their food stocks and services directly to the public. Also, World Food Company provides the farmers and food businesses with a realtime online store facility equipped with a full-scale inventory management system completely free of charge.

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